The Idaho® Potato Drop’s GlowTato!!!

To make the new potato, we used an all-new innovative technique created by local artists, fabricators and craftsmen. To start, we completely reshape, and retexture the potato to make it look and feel like a real potato. When the redesign is finished, we made a mold of the old potato. When the mold has been created, a new polystyrene resin potato was casted, which allows light to shine through, but is painted to look and feel like a real Idaho® Potato on the outside. Inside of the new potato, we inserted a frame with high powered LED light box that is programmed with custom lighting options (flashes, glows, sparkles and more). The new GlowTato lights up each year count as we count down to midnight, creating memorable and fun experiences for all who attend. The GlowTato hangs horizontally and is durable enough for people to come up and touch it! The GlowTato is an all-new innovative design that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Dylan Cline, CEO & Founder

Dylan Cline had the idea for the Idaho Potato Drop back in 2012. Boise, Idaho did not have anything big going on for New Years Eve, and Dylan thought that should change. Through perseverance, hard work, persistence, and support from those around him, Dylan successfully launched the first Idaho Potato Drop with an estimated attendance of around 40,000 people. He created this event to bring the community together for a free, family fun event, that not only benefits local businesses, but also Idaho in general. The Idaho Potato Drop has continued to grow over the years, due to hard year-round work from Dylan and his teams. Every year the Idaho Potato Drop gets better, and continues to get global attention. Thank you Dylan for helping make Boise a great place to live.

Sandi Nahas, CFO

Sandi Nahas has been with the Idaho Potato Drop since day 1. Sandi is the backbone to the Idaho Potato Drop. She has been working as our CFO, meeting with sponsors, working the VIP tent, working with attendees, organizing the event, managing her other business Key Design Websites, and so much more. We are so fortunate to have her on our side. Thank you Sandi for everything you have done, and everything you continue to do!

Welcome Reed!!

Reed joined Team Potato this year, taking over social media marketing and helping plan our event. It has been a pleasure having him on the team, and bringing his creative ideas with him!

Welcome Carolina Valderrama-Echavarria!!

Carolina Valderrama-Echavarria stepped onto Team Potato this year, for community outreach. Carolina somehow finds time to work for the Idaho Potato Drop, NeighborWorks Boise, she teaches at Boise State University, and also volunteers her time to make our community better through non-profits like Paint The Town Boise, Idaho Charitable Events, and more! She truly is a remarkable person, with a huge passion for making our community better. Carolina has been organizing non-profit events for the Idaho Potato Drop to sponsor and attend, to help build awareness for them. We are delighted to have you with us Carolina!

Welcome Ben Gin!!

We are proud to welcome Ben Gin onto the team this year! Not only is he a talented artist, but also videographer, photographer, animator and marketer. Ben’s unique style has brought a new feel to our designs this year. Here is just one new piece of art he created for us, there are many more to come. Thanks for being a part of Team Potato, Ben! We are glad to have you!

’15 Unique New Years Countdowns You Didn’t Know Existed’

My name is Rebecca and I work on a lifestyle & travel blog named the BLT. We have recently finished an article called ‘15 Unique New Years Countdowns You Didn’t Know Existed’ and have featured the giant potato in Boise, ID. I know my editor, Liz, has already been in contact with you regarding pictures and information for the article and I just wanted to let you know that the article is complete and ready to be shared!


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