The Idaho Potato Commission’s Idaho Potato Drop Press Release

Idaho® Potato Drop | New Year's Eve Event | Boise, ID

We want to give a big shout out and thank you to Frank Muir, President and CEO of the Idaho® Potato Commission. Their continued commitment to supporting sustainable growth through Idaho’s world renown agricultural community make Idaho and the world a better place to live. Your support and alliance is very appreciated.

Please click on the link below to check out this spud-tacular article!®-potatoes-ring-in-the-new-year/


From left to right: Dylan Cline (founder, CEO), David Bowar (senior Project Manager, ESI) Michael Nelson (Owner, Rocky Mountain Audio / Visual), Sean Hatton (Manager, Safway Services) Chris Schofield (Schofield Design / Potato designer / HUGE POTATO driving around the country), Sandi Nahas (Owner, Key Design Websites, beautiful babe), Steve Fulton (owner, AudioLab, VAC, notorious rockstar) Cody Draper (Owner, Boise100) Doug Armstrong ( KTVB) Holly Johnson (Rockstar, TowneSquare Media), Jonathan Segali (Head Honcho,, Phil Jenkins (Tent master, Tates Rents), Bruce Maurey (Genius designer of the Potato Drop logos), and Ryan Caufield (Hobbit shaped conspiracy theorist and uber-talented web designer).

Thanks KTVB!

Another awesome meeting at KTVB today. Thanks to KTVB G.M. Doug Armstrong for setting aside personal time to focus on the success of the New Year’s Eve Idaho® Potato Drop. We had a great tour of the inner workings and even sat in-studio and watched the news live! It’s a nice feeling to know the leader of a national top 4 media group is in your corner!

The Idaho Potato® Drops in 97 days!

Idaho® Potato Drop | New Year's Eve Event | Boise, ID

Fall is here and winter is coming. Brundage just received it’s first 2″ of snow today!

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