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“Looking to have some extraordinary New Year’s Eve plans? How about heading to Idaho’s capital and watching a giant potato drop from the sky? You can forget about Times Square… The Idaho Potato Drop events start at 6 p.m. but are sure to carry on through to the following day, ending with a spectacular glow-tato falling from the sky at the stroke of midnight.”

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Weird And Wonderful Facts About Every US State

Thank you MSN for selecting the Idaho® Potato Drop to represent Idaho on this list for both your US and New Zealand reaching 40 million people.

“Idaho: there’s a unique New Year’s tradition
©Idaho Potato Drop/Facebook
The iconic Times Square New Year’s ball drop is one of the most famous traditions when it comes to ringing in the New Year. However, Boise residents have found a more unique (and more state-appropriate) way to welcome 1 January. Since 2013, thousands of spec-taters have gathered at the Idaho State Capitol every year to watch the Idaho Potato Drop – a giant, illuminated GlowTato is lowered from above as the clock strikes midnight. We’d expect nothing less from Idaho.” MSN Digital News click here

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*Remember there is a limited amount of tickets. This price will last until tickets sell out, or until October 1, 2023.


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September 1st through 30th $75 (or until tickets sell out)

October 1st through 31st $100 (or until tickets sell out)

November 1st through December 30th $125 (or until tickets sell out)

New Year’s Day $150 at door (unless at capacity)

Last year we were at capacity, do not be a couch potato. :)

What is Idaho known for? 15 Things Idahoans Love About Themselves

For folks living outside the region, Idaho is probably most famous for the stem tubers we love to turn into French fries. Yes, potatoes are the number one thing Idaho is known for. But there’s so much more culturally significant to the state than just these veggies.

Look who made number #2 on the list! We love you too Idaho!!!!!!

10th Annual Idaho® Potato Drop

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