2013: A world still turning.

Happy New Year Boise, Idaho! We all made it through a challenging year and a world apocalypse.. we can all take a deep breath and focus on the wonderful things to work toward this year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank wonderful people at City Hall for helping make this grandiose dream a reality. The Idaho® Potato Drop will be the most exciting and widely sensationalized event in Boise’s new year’s eve history! So many thanks to the mayor’s office, CCDC, ACHD, BPD, city clerk’s office, city parking services, BCFD, and CDHD. We look forward to 2013 and embrace it with hope, prosperity and integrity.

The NYE Idaho Potato is slated to drop in 2013!

We are gearing up early for this year’s most exciting event, the 2013 NYE Idaho® Potato Drop! Anyone interested in sponsoring, performing, volunteering or getting involved please fill out our contact form or email contact@IdahoNewYearsCommission.com .


The NYE Idaho Potato drop is coming along nicely!

We are gearing up for this year’s most exciting event. Preparations are underway and the news media can’t wait to get the word out. Get ready for an evening of music, bright lights and a community coming together to witness the Idaho® Potato drop at midnight for 2014!