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Early Bird Tickets!!!!

Tickets will go up to $100 in October.

Save yourself some cheddar, getting special treatment for cheaper is better.

*Remember there is a limited amount of tickets. This price will last until tickets sell out, or until October 1, 2023.


VIP Tickets

Join us in VIP for first class treatment. This New Year’s Eve you deserve to be a Very Important Potato!



September 1st through 30th $75 (or until tickets sell out)

October 1st through 31st $100 (or until tickets sell out)

November 1st through December 30th $125 (or until tickets sell out)

New Year’s Day $150 at door (unless at capacity)

Last year we were at capacity, do not be a couch potato. :)

Happy Easter

Growing new trend that we think is SPUDtastic!!!!

“Easter potatoes trend grows amid soaring egg prices”

So you might be thinking, will painting potatoes ever catch on?

Well. . .did you know that prior to the 19th century we carved turnips for Halloween?

Thank you WBTV (CBS affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina ) for sharing this trend with us.

To read more about how pumpkins replaced turnips, here is a fun article that was published by The Guardian.


National Tater Day

We have a hot tip for you to help celebrate

What is national tater day?
“National Tater Day is observed annually on March 31. This day is set aside to celebrate the potato that is loved by almost everyone and provides us with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber”.

HAPPY FRYDAY!!! Get out there and get you some Idaho® Potatoes!!!!


CNN Article


“We are going to be broadcasting live until 2 a.m. ET and we’ll will be live in Boise, Idaho for the Mountain Time Zone New Year – this is a first for us.” Debra Doft

Idaho® Potato Commission

This partner has been with us since the beginning. Thank you for ten years of support Idaho® Potato Commission. Thank you for protecting the Idaho® Potato brand and making Idaho what is it today!
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Vietnam National

Date Collected Feb 14, 2021 6:14 AM MST
Category National
Source BaoGiaothong
Est. Audience 95,464
Market Vietnam
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Potatoes (US)

“On New Year’s Eve, people in downtown Boise, USA will welcome the new year by dropping a giant sphere simulating a potato from the sky. Over 40,000 spectators came to see the 400-pound “GlowTato” lighted inside.”

Vietnam National

Yes we do!