HGTV Pricey in Potato-land

Young engineers are ready to upgrade from their starter home to a place closer to downtown and the Greenbelt walking path in Boise, Idaho. She’s dreaming of a big space for chickens and composting, but he’s set on keeping their costs as low as possible.

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19 Things Boise is Known and Famous For

10. The potato drop

Forget that fancy glass ball that drops at midnight every NYE in NYC—Boise drops a GlowTato at midnight! The Idaho Potato Drop is Boise’s annual New Year’s Eve party, with onlookers counting down until the potato drops at midnight.

The GlowTato is a replica of a giant Idaho potato, with some extra glam added. The potato also drops amidst a firework show and other festivities and is definitely a unique way to ring in the new year.

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“We are going to be broadcasting live until 2 a.m. ET and we’ll will be live in Boise, Idaho for the Mountain Time Zone New Year – this is a first for us.” Debra Doft

Idaho® Potato Commission

This partner has been with us since the beginning. Thank you for ten years of support Idaho® Potato Commission. Thank you for protecting the Idaho® Potato brand and making Idaho what is it today!
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Very Important Potato

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“Idaho: there’s a unique New Year’s tradition

The iconic Times Square New Year’s ball drop is one of the most famous traditions when it comes to ringing in the New Year. However, Boise residents have found a more unique (and more state-appropriate) way to welcome 1 January. Since 2013, thousands of spec-taters have gathered at the Idaho State Capitol every year to watch the Idaho Potato Drop – a giant, illuminated GlowTato is lowered from above as the clock strikes midnight. We’d expect nothing less from Idaho.”

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Happy New Year 2022!

We want to say THANK YOU to all of our amazing sponsors: Grown in Idaho, Idaho® Potato Commission, Pet IQ, White Claw and KTVB to name a few. This event takes time and effort to put on and we could not do it without our wonderful sponsors, staff and spec”taters”! HAPPY NEW YEAR
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“On New Year’s Eve, people in downtown Boise, USA will welcome the new year by dropping a giant sphere simulating a potato from the sky. Over 40,000 spectators came to see the 400-pound “GlowTato” lighted inside.”

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