Idaho Association of the Deaf

We are pleased to announce our Mountain America Credit Union August Non-Profit Winner, Idaho Association of the Deaf!

Their mission is to Unite. Protect. Educate. and Serve. Idaho’s deaf community. The developer who coded this website for the Idaho® Potato Drop is hard of hearing. She has been coding for Key Design Websites for over ten years.

This wonderful association is here:

1. To unite, in one harmonious organization, any deaf and hard of hearing Idahoans who show an interest in the welfare of the deaf and hard of hearing.

2. To promote and protect the education, economic, social, welfare, and citizenship rights of any deaf and hard of hearing citizens of Idaho.

3. To affiliate with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and to support its objectives and bylaws.

Wish Granters

We are so excited to announce our July non-profit winner WISH GRANTERS! Wish Granters was founded in July 2010 by Doug Raper. Doug received several requests for wishes for adults while working with a children’s wish organization. It was then that he decided to start an organization that would grant wishes to those bravely dealing with a terminal illness but who did not qualify for a wish from any other organization. The first wish granted was on December 17, 2010, to a gentleman diagnosed with ALS. His wish was for a helicopter ride, which he was able to do with his wife and two sons.

Thank you for join us in the Mountain America Credit Union Family Tent for New Year’s Eve 2020-2021!

Newest Non-Profit June Selection Camp River Run!

We could not be more excited to announce our newest non-profit selected by the community. Thank you Mountain America Credit Union for sponsor the family tent that allows these non-profits a chance to interact with the community and promote their mission statement.
CAMP RIVER RUN thank you for selected the community nomination!

Camp River Run’s Mission:

Inspired by nature and flowing with optimism, we offer children who are battling life-threatening or disabling medical conditions an outdoor camp experience to rejuvenate their youth and strengthen their spirits.


We are so excited to announce our community nominated non-profit for May 2020, CAMP LOLO. They will be joining us this year in the Mountain America Credit Union Family Tent. Camp LOLO (Loss Of a Loved One) is a bereavement camp for children 6-17. They provide a safe environment where children can learn valuable coping skills.

Camp LOLO is a two-day camp held annually for children and teens struggling with grief over the Loss Of a Loved One. LOLO stands for Loss of a Loved one. One of the many needs that grieving children have is to be with others of their own age with similar grief and loss experiences.
Experiences of grief and loss are most often unsettling and even disorienting. The loss of a cherished loved leads to changes in the survivor’s life that are recognized with time. In such a life experience, the grief recovery needs of children can either be minimized by adults or perhaps misunderstood.

Alan Wolfelt, Director of the Center for Loss and Transition, reflects that sometimes what grieving children need most from adults is an awareness that it is OK to talk about their feelings and play out their emotions. If their suffering is avoided, denied, or repressed by adults around them, the children can feel very abandoned at a time when they most need the presence of loving adults.

We are so excited to partner with them this year and share their wonderful message and mission with the community.

April Mountain America Credit Union Non-Profit

We are so happy to announce the winner of our community elected non-profit for the MACU Family Tent this year.

The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, resource referrals, linkages to local services, and follow-up for all Idahoans, including those at risk for suicide and their families and loved ones. ISPH listens supportively to callers, empowering them to look at options and come up with their own solutions.

Bustin’ Out of Boise

We are so pleased to announce the community selected non-profit for March, Bustin’ Out of Boise! We cannot wait to partner up with them to promote their wonderful mission, to fill the gap by providing a range of services from home cleaning to childcare for women undergoing cancer treatments.
We could not be more pleased to have such a wonderful non-profit to link up with. Please take the time to check them out. You can also donate to Bustin’ Out of Boise through until May 7, 2020. They will be in the Mountain America Credit Union Family Tent for 2021 so make sure to stop by say hi and get to know more about about this wonderful local non-profit.

Guardian Paws Service Dogs

We could not be happier to announce our February non-profit selection!!!

Mission: Guardian Paws Service Dogs advocate and educate for a Veterans right to utilize a service dog to regain independence. “Saving Veterans One Dog At A Time”

“Do you have a desire to reach out to Veteran’s and do not know where to start? Do you have cyber skills and want to help keep our pages up and running? Are you looking for a place share your love of dogs? Guardian Paws is the place to be. Please feel free to email GPSD and let us know who you are and in what ares you would like to help in.”

We are so proud to get to partner with this wonderful non-profit. Thank you Mountain American Credit Union for sponsoring our wonderful local non-profits in our free family tent!


We are so happy to announce our first elected non-profit in the Idaho® Potato Drop Mountain America Family Tent. We will be announcing a new non-profit through October.


Mission Statement

Improving the lives of people with disabilities by providing therapeutic aquatic programs and instructor education.

AquAbility provides year-round therapeutic aquatic programs for people of all ages with disabilities including: Autism, Blind or Visually Impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Developmental Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Limb Loss, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Traumatic Stress, Parkinson’s Disease, and Spinal Cord Injury.

AquAbility provides Education and Certification for Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities.

AquAbility is a chapter of Disabled Sports, USA.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho Red Shoe Shindig

We are so happy to have a wonderful sponsor like Mountain America Credit Union. They are supporting this wonderful event this year. We will be donating a Idaho® Potato Drop basket to try and raise money for this wonderful event!


This is not a gala but an updated take on food, fun and fundraising. You’ll be treated to themed food stations, silent and live auctions, entertainment and shoe selfies! So get ready to kick up your heels and enjoy a fun evening benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho. On Thursday, February 27th, 2020, we’ll get the evening started with a reception at 5:30pm in the Pioneer room
of JUMP. Your support will help keep families together and close to the medical care their children need.

Boise Holiday Parade 2019

We had so much fun at the Boise Holiday Parade. The theme this year was “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”! Thank you to the event coordinators who put this event on. It is always so much fun!

2019 BCBS

We are so happy to be a part of the 19th annual IM Symposium tomorrow hosted by Blue Cross of Idaho. The event started in 2000 by the Blue Cross of Idaho with the :”purpose to provide Plan business and technical representatives opportunity to network and exchange best practices and innovations in the field of information management, information architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence, informatics and analytics with the end result of delivering actionable business value to the Plans through the power of information assets.”

We will be showcases “All Things Idaho” with the GlowTato at the Train Depot from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. For more information about this event please visit their website at

The Early Bird. . .

This is your last chance for discounted VIP tickets this month! Last year we sold out so do not miss the chance to be warm, have your favorite cocktails, listen to awesome music and enjoy some yummy food! There are a limited number of tickets in the second tier early bird, so do not wait!