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BOISE, Idaho (AP) — New York City drops a ball in Times Square when the clock marks New Year’s Day, but in downtown Boise, Idaho, a giant potato falls from the sky.

The Idaho Potato Commission, the state agency that promotes and protects the starchy tuber, has upped its sponsorship to $50,000 for the event that’s now in its fifth year, the Capital Press reported Wednesday.

Frank Muir, president of the commission, said the visibility for the state’s most famous farm item increases every year the potato drops. The commission provided $5,000 during the event’s inaugural year, and the offering later increased to $25,000.

“Every time we drop that potato, we get national and international coverage,” Muir said. “It’s getting more and more legs.”

The event attracts about 35,000 people to downtown Boise on New Year’s Eve. Dylan Cline, the founder of the event, said the drop has the potential to reach billions of people through major media coverage each year.

“I had no idea it was going to be such a phenomenon around the world,” Cline said. “It just keeps growing and getting bigger and drawing more attention around the world.”

Cline said the reasoning behind the potato was simply to celebrate the thing that Idaho is best known for.

“Idaho’s potato industry is a money maker for the state, and people should get behind it and support it for making the state what it is today,” Cline said. “I think it’s something we should be proud of.”

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The Treasure Valley YMCA- Harrison Classic

Idaho Potato Drop- Treasure Valley Family YMCA Harrison Classic

The GlowTato was at the Treasure Valley Family YMCA Harrison Classic yesterday. Our fabulous team member, Sandi was out playing games with kids and cheering on the race finishers. Congratulations to all the race finishers yesterday and thank you Treasure Valley YMCA for putting on this incredible event!

Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union | Idaho® Potato Drop | New Year's Eve Event | Boise, ID

We are accepting applications for vendors in the family tent this year. Come join the fun in our large family tent sponsored by Mountain American Credit Union. We have limited space available so if you are interested in being in the family tent, please contact the Potato Drop Team!

VIP Tickets Available

Join us in the VIP Room for the 5th Annual Idaho® Potato Drop in Capitol Park! Ring in the new year with DJ Jett Rokk (Portland, OR) and comedian Sean Hancock (Recycled Minds) for an unforgettable night of entertainment hosted by Mrs. Idaho United States 2017 and the Idaho® Potato Drop VIP Hostesses. Enjoy VIP treatment and entertainment a warm and elegant environment while enjoying 360 degree views of the entire event inside our crystal clear 40’x100 room.

Ticket includes: complimentary drink, hors d’oeuvres, champagne toast at midnight. Must be 21 and over, tickets available online through December 30th.

$50 early bird special August 29th through September 30th

$75 second tier pricing October 1st through December 30th

$100 at the door December 31st

Children’s Writing Challenge

Idaho® Potato Drop | New Year's Eve Event | Boise, ID

Mill Park Publishing is hosting their very first Children’s Writing Challenge at the Idaho Potato Drop! 18 winners will receive prizes and a chance to read their story on the main stage at the New Year’s Eve event! Click the link below for details! Share this post or tag your friends!
Happy Writing!
* https://www.eventbrite.com/e/idaho-potato-drop-childrens-wr…#