Sibbz Crew Starts Gathering Volunteers

Our wonderful partner Sibbz is coordinating volunteers again this year for the 4th Annual Idaho Potato Drop! If you would like to help us make this special night the best it can be, follow the link below!

Shifts will run around 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Event Location:
Boise Idaho
State Capitol

Volunteers will get some extra perks this year for helping out the event.
1. Exclusive Idaho Potato Drop LED Beanie (not available for general public purchases)
2. Meal Voucher to featured vendor
3. Free Hot Chocolate and Coffee access
4. Volunteer access only area
5. IPD Hoodie or Tee

Sign up directly though the volunteer local link. I encourage volunteers and groups to volunteer and get involved!
Also! Add yourself and others to the Idaho Potato Drop Facebook Group