The Idaho® Potato Drop’s GlowTato!!!

To make the new potato, we used an all-new innovative technique created by local artists, fabricators and craftsmen. To start, we completely reshape, and retexture the potato to make it look and feel like a real potato. When the redesign is finished, we made a mold of the old potato. When the mold has been created, a new polystyrene resin potato was casted, which allows light to shine through, but is painted to look and feel like a real Idaho® Potato on the outside. Inside of the new potato, we inserted a frame with high powered LED light box that is programmed with custom lighting options (flashes, glows, sparkles and more). The new GlowTato lights up each year count as we count down to midnight, creating memorable and fun experiences for all who attend. The GlowTato hangs horizontally and is durable enough for people to come up and touch it! The GlowTato is an all-new innovative design that will bring enjoyment for years to come.