About Us

Inaugural Idaho Potato Drop 2013

The Idaho® Potato Drop’s inaugural event December 31, 2013

Since 2013, We Have Dropped the Potato for Thousands of Spec-taters

The Idaho® Potato Drop started in December 2013, hosted on the Grove for tens of thousands of spec”taters”. Overtime there have been some changes, a new GlowTato, a new location at the Idaho State Capitol and a huge fireworks display. The event has always held true to it’s roots, to provide a free and charitable family event. Our mission is to make Idaho a world class destination for New Year’s eve while promoting commerce and community.

Made with love in Idaho. Please take a moment to meet some of the wonderful people that help to make this happen. All of this happens out of the sheer passion to do something great for your our community and share a message of peace, silly fun and hope.

Meet Team Potato

Dylan Cline CEO, Founder

Sandi Nahas COO, CFO

Thomas Craig Web Developer & IT Support

Jessica Rodgers Web Developer

Miranda Dopp Graphic Designer